These FAQs should help.

I forgot my login credentials. How do I get back in?

Your username should be your email address (unless you changed it to something else). You will need to go to the Simply Rewards Login Page and click “forgot password.” We will email you a link with instructions on how to change your password.

I am a new user, and my account is not pulling up when I input my email and zip code.

Make sure the email and zip code you are using is what is on file with your distributor. This often occurs if you have a personal and business email or your salon zip differs from your home zip code. To verify your account information on file, contact your distributor.

When will my rewards appear in my account following a purchase?

Rewards are posted on the 15th of the month following your purchase. Don’t worry, Neuma will send a ‘reminder to redeem’ email to you to let you know that your rewards dollars have posted.

Will my points expire?

Simply Rewards dollars expire every calendar year + a quarter (i.e. 2023 rewards expire 3/31/24). Not to worry, we will send out reminder emails, so you can be sure to spend your reward earnings before the deadline. 

How do I get listed on the website Salon Locator?

At the end of every quarter, Neuma refreshes our Salon Locator to feature our Level 2 and Level 3 salons. If you are a Level 3 Salon, we will add an arch icon next to your listing for some extra recognition. You must be actively purchasing Neuma at Level 2 or 3 thresholds quarterly to maintain your listing.

I want to purchase a reward item but do not have enough reward dollars. What do I do?

You can either wait until the following month(s) for more rewards to accrue, or you have the option to supplement payment with your credit card. Add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout. You will be prompted to add a credit card if you do not have the funds available. All credit card payments will take you to a 3rd party checkout to purchase the extra points needed to complete your order. Points are purchased at a 1:$1 ratio. Once this transaction is completed, you will need to finalize your purchase in your Simply Rewards shopping cart.

Can I purchase education with dollars?

Yes! You get exclusive discount pricing on in-salon education as a Simply Rewards member. Just add the class to your shopping cart and pay with your preferred credit card. The procedure is the same as noted in the question above.

How do I schedule my class after I have purchased it?

After your purchase is finalized, you will receive a confirmation email with your purchase details and will be contacted by the Neuma Education Team to schedule your class. For questions on a class you have purchased, contact Neuma Education.

How many people can come to my purchased class?

Class materials will be sent in for up to 5 attendees. Hands-in cutting and styling classes are capped at 10 attendees to ensure the best learning environment. Additional materials can be purchased through Neuma at a discounted price.

What happens if I need to cancel my class?

If your selected class date no longer works for you, you can always reschedule for another time. Contact Neuma Education to reschedule.